Cover your aaS: Don’t let as-a-service models hold you hostage

Living in the country, many of my neighbors have farms. Some grow industry crops like soybean and cotton, while others raise animals for meat or dairy products. I’m in a perpetual state of begging my husband for all kinds of animals – goats, alpaca, sheep, cows. You name it; I want it! His rebuttal is always … Continued

Getting Email Deliverability Right

In the marketing world, there’s no shortage of frustrating scenarios that can happen on a daily basis. Lack of data, poorly performing marketing automation or CRM applications, and content that only a few people actually read (thanks, Mom and Aunt Jane!) is a true-life situation for many telecom agents and MSPs. Also scoring high on … Continued

Why Do My Email Campaign Metrics Suck?

If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘why do my email metrics suck,’ you’re certainly not alone. A study by Return Path tells us that only 79% of commercial emails land in the subscribers’ inbox. That means one out of every five emails sent either gets filtered as spam or blocked. That’s not good odds if you’re … Continued