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Getting The Most Out of Your Content: The Rule of 5

You’ve invested a lot of time or money into creating new content, so why not get the most mileage out of each piece. Get creative with your content and aim to use each piece 5 different ways. Here are a few ideas for putting a fresh spin on the great content you already have.

#1 Create a slide deck  

Make your blog post more appealing to visual learners by adding the content to a slide deck.  Best of all, LinkedIn allows you to upload presentations to their SlideShare so you can share with existing contacts and continue to expand your network.

#2 Hold a webinar

Once you have a slide deck, share your presentation with prospects in a webinar.  Engaging your audience in real time gives them a chance to ask questions, establishes yourself as a subject matter expert, and fosters relationships with prospects. Free and inexpensive applications like Skype for Business and Zoom make hosting your own webinar easy.

#3 Combine multiple blog posts to create an eBook

eBooks are much longer and more comprehensive than blog posts, and therefore time consuming to write. Use multiple blog posts you have on the same topic to compile an eBook by using blog posts as a chapter. This is a great way to quickly put together a piece of longform content that you can use in a gated content offer to collect contact information.

#4 Share your blog in an email campaign or newsletter

Sharing your blog post in an email campaign has two benefits: it gives readers valuable information, and it drives them to your website.  Blog posts also make great content for newsletters for the same reasons.

#5 Share your blog post via podcast

With minimal edits, you can rework your blog post into a podcast script.  Then, simply record yourself reading the content and you’ve got a podcast. Then, get creative with where you share the recording, like including it on your website on the bio page of person speaking.

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