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On the road! What working remote looks like for me.

‘What do you think, should we go for it?’ This is how the conversation played out this fall. From there my family loaded up the truck, our two spoiled Australian Shepherds, and our 20-foot pull-behind travel trailer – and we headed West! 

What followed was an almost three-month epic road trip! It started mid-August when we took off from home just south of San Antonio. We then covered thousands of miles and seven states – Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico. We stayed at dozens of campgrounds and even a number of free camping spots – think Walmart parking lots, a casino, and even one Cracker Barrel  – most call it dry camping or boondocking. We also stopped to see family along the way, parking and plugging in our ‘home on wheels’ outside of family members’ houses. We called that ‘Grizwalding,’ thanks to inspiration from Cousin Eddie, Clark Grizwald, and the movie Christmas Vacation. 

‘It’s not a vacation!’

Whenever family or strangers asked about our road trip, I was quick to correct them when they called it a vacation. ‘I’m working too!’ I’d say exasperated. ‘It’s not a vacation, it’s life.’ 

As content director for Carve Digital, I’m blessed with the flexibility to work from anywhere. All I need is my laptop, the internet, and my mobile phone. I’m officially one of those remote workers people are always talking about. So how does an epic road trip translate to the world of digital marketing? What did I discover about working remotely? Start your engines, we’ve got some ground to cover. 

Staying connected

One of the biggest surprises of living and working on the road is that it can actually inspire you to get more connected with people – rekindling old friendships or even meeting new people. In Kalispell, Montana, we made friends with a pair from Calgary and one from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We bonded and shared more stories and laughs than I can count – proudly naming our little group the Rocky Mountain Hi Sisters (RMHS). We also found ourselves sending more photos, videos, and texts to friends and family to share our adventures and hear about them. 

  • How it relates – This point relates to remote working in a major way. I discovered that – even more than when working from home – I appreciated our check-in calls.  And, I looked forward to messaging my team on Google Hangouts. It’s how we stay in contact most days, asking each other questions, talking about ideas for blogs, or sharing relevant tech news. Or, when we tease our Project Manager Kelley about her always-inspiring bitmojis – which are legendary FYI. On the road, I also reaffirmed my appreciation for our project management tool Asana. It keeps track of what’s due and what’s coming up – plus it’s always available no matter what day it is or what time zone I’m in. 

It’s the small things, duh

Building on that idea, I also reaffirmed it’s the small things that are the most important. I knew it of course, but life on the road is simpler in many ways, and it drove the point home. Sure we got to explore beautiful, pristine hikes outside of Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and many other places. These were all amazing experiences. But some of the most impactful moments were the most ordinary – making breakfast at the campsite, or going for an early run with our biggest pup Remington. Or time around a campfire with friends and cousins. Or when we were camping in a Walmart parking lot in Idaho when we stayed up way too late belting out 1990s country, for no particular reason at all. 

  • How it relates – I see this truth in digital marketing too. It’s usually a combination of the small things that have a lasting impact over time. Our marketing toolbox might include monthly blog posts, planning and hosting partner webinars, or leveraging LinkedIn. While these activities may not be the most exciting on a day-to-day basis – compared to say launching a new website or making a keynote address at Channel Partners – it’s usually the little things done right, that have the most sustainable impact. 

Sometimes you need a little help

Near the end of our trip in late October we were in gorgeous but cold places – McCall, Idaho, Grand Junction, Pagosa Springs and later Durango, Colorado. At night, the temps were consistently dipping down into the low 20s. Most consider that cold. But for a Texas-built travel trailer that’s not well insulated, it’s even colder. Though we were plenty warm thanks to our propane heater, we were still worried about the pipes freezing at night. So what do two Texas girls do? Get on Youtube, what else?! We searched ‘how to winterize a trailer’ and we got to work. We bought an air compressor, RV antifreeze, a couple of wrenches and went for it. I’m happy to report that four hours and a few mishaps later, we finished the job and the pipes are still intact. 

  • How it relates –  While most people on Youtube are far from experts, the point here is that we can’t know everything. The same goes for marketing. You’re probably busy building your business and knowing UCaaS, SD-WAN, AI, 5G, and other technology inside and out. It’s ok to find a team that are experts in B2B marketing to help you achieve more and be at your best. Whether you need help designing a new website or with video production, finding the right experts can make all the difference and keep you focused on what you do best. 

‘And if you don’t do it now, you’ll be one year older when you do’ – Reckless Kelly

Remote working means something different to everyone – but for me, it’s about having the freedom to work in a way that allows me to produce my best work and live my best life. 

Whatever your personal or business goals are, now is the perfect time to make them happen! Do you have an interesting story about working remotely? Or, do you like what you’ve heard about our approach to digital marketing? Email us! At Carve Digital, our team loves working with companies to find their optimal path for innovation and growth.