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Our 5 Key Takeaways From Channel Connect 2016

Intelisys’s Channel Connect is always a great networking event to share best practices and learn about the latest technology and industry trends. This year was the biggest Channel Connect yet and was no exception. Here are our top takeaways from this year:


The Intelisys ScanSource merger is proof that the recent hot topic convergence in the industry is real. With the convergence of IT VARs, MSPs, and traditional agents, we are in the midst of a  transformation. The traditional agent we know will look very different in the future. Stay tuned.

The landscape is becoming more competitive

With ScanSource’s 33,000 IT VARs combining with Intelisys’ 2,400 agents, the landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, forcing both traditional agents and IT VARs to reexamine their go to market strategies and build best-of-breed solutions to compete for the role of trusted advisor of their customers. Ultimately this is a good thing for buyers as they will have access to more comprehensive solutions and one-stop-shops.

Technology continues to shift

As always, technology is shifting at a rapid pace. By the time you sell one customer the newest technology it’s almost time to go back to your last. Partners invest so much time staying up to speed on the newest technologies (i.e. SD-WAN and the Internet of Things) they lack the time and resources needed to really tap into their existing customer base for upsell opportunities.

We have to get outside the traditional go to market

In addition to the thousands of other agents, partners still compete with direct sales from carriers. They must start thinking outside of their traditional go to market to thrive in this highly competitive environment and move past the traditional WAN – LAN mentality to be able to offer the entire package. Today’s new age solution equals WAN+LAN+App Integration. A comprehensive solution makes it nearly impossible for a direct rep to come in once you have established the relationship.

Marketing can fill the gap

Thursday’s 8am marketing session was standing room only, and for good reason. A strategic marketing plan helps fill your funnel and identify upsell and cross sell touch points among your existing customer base. If you don’t have internal marketing resources, we can help you identify what you are really good at, build a profile around your ideal customer, and help you work smarter to get more leads and tap into your existing customer base.


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Image source: Intelisys