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You’re supporting your customers’ digital transformation – but what about your path?

Digital change is happening in nearly every industry today, with the potential to transform startups and incumbents into market leaders and innovators. If you’re a technology partner, you’re helping your customers navigate this complex digital world every single day. You’re guiding businesses on critical technology decisions – telecom, cloud, mobility, security, network services, IoT, and much more – encouraging customers to embrace transformation to stay relevant and competitive.

But, have you ever stopped to think – ‘what about my digital transformation goals?’ According to IDC, by 2023 traditional technology distribution volume will be replaced by high value-add solution aggregation. (Source: IDC). As a technology partner in the cloud, IT, or telecom community, is your business ready to compete in this new market?

Reviewing your people, processes, and platforms

Looking ahead, technology partners should be evaluating the people, processes, and platforms they’re using to support customers and begin making a plan for what’s next. Partners need to be asking:

  • What people do I have supporting my business looking at everything from sales, marketing, accounting, and provisioning, to project management and support?
  • What processes are in place to support growth and improve sales?
  • What does my tech stack look like? Am I offering the next-gen services, or am I still selling dial tone and internet access?

If you want to learn more about starting on your digital transformation journey, email us! You can also review our video ‘The Need to Transform’ that talks about what technology service partners need to know to stay competitive. In the video, Carve Digital CEO Michael Sterl, shares valuable insight into how technology partners can start on their path to greatness today. Don’t wait and get left behind! You’ve got this!