Case Study: Blue Front Technology

When Blue Front Telecom Group first contacted us, they had an outdated website that did little to convey the level of service and expertise this technology advisory group could provide to its customers. Additionally, the company was concerned that the current business name, Blue Front Telecom Group, created the perception that they were “just another telecom company.” The owner of the company, unsure how to improve the brand’s image and message with limited internal resources, approached our team for an initial consultation.

Project Description

Phase 1 - Content Strategy & Development

The first steps involved identifying the content strategy for the client. Based on this our content team conducted an audit of the existing web content and made recommendations for creating new content as well as updating existing content to better align the website with the organization’s current service offerings. Once a sitemap and strategy were established, our content development team conducted in-depth interviews with the client regarding the specific content that needed to be written. From there, our team went to work copywriting homepage and internal page content, including proofing and editing of content for consistent voice throughout the site.

Phase 2 - Updated Branding & Design

The next stage focused on developing a new online presence for the client. To get a feel for the client’s brand personality and aesthetic preferences, various members of the client team provided a list of websites they felt had a look and feel they liked. Our design team then reviewed the sites with the client to glean specific details on particular graphic elements, layouts, and design qualities that resonated with the client’s expectations for their new website.

The development team then presented the client with an updated brand logo and new branding guidelines for use within the website design. Upon client approval of the new branding, our team then provided a template of the homepage and internal page layouts, including custom iconography and branded stock photography. We worked with the client through numerous iterations, combining the visual and content elements into a modern and innovative online presence that showcased the company’s service offerings and new brand image.

Phase 3 - WordPress Development

After getting the content and design approved by the client, our development team moved everything to staging for final review and edits. They developed a mobile-friendly WordPress site, complete with a new domain and hosting through WP Engine. After launching the new site, our creative teams began working with the client to improve their digital marketing content, including social media sites, to mirror the updated logo and branding guidelines developed during the project. Today, Blue Front Technology Group has a refreshed brand image that successfully showcases the company's expertise and services in a clean, modern, mobile-friendly environment.

  1. Logo Development
  2. Branding Guidelines
  3. Content Strategy
  4. Copywriting + Editing
  5. WordPress Web Design