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The Future of Hybrid Cloud

In the ever-increasingly complex world of on-premise and cloud infrastructures, hybrid cloud offers greater flexibility, improved disaster recovery, and lower IT capital expenses.

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What is Hybrid Cloud Computing?

Hybrid cloud offers businesses the opportunity to take a stair-step approach to the cloud while also giving them the comfort and security of controlling critical data inside a private, highly-protected cloud.

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SDN Gets a Second Wind

Software Defined Networking (SDN) has attracted a lot of attention over recent years because of its promise to deliver a more agile and programmable network infrastructure.

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Defining 4G/LTE

4G/LTE is really two terms in one. 4G is a collection of fourth generation mobile data technology. All 4G standards must conform to a set of specifications created by the International Telecommunications Union. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, which is not really a technology, but a standard for wireless communication.

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Why Cloud Contact Centers

The demands placed on customer service and contact centers are higher than ever. Organizations want contact centers that can scale quickly to meet customer demand, and want agents that deliver personalized customer support.

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Hosted PBX vs SIP Trunking

SIP trunking or hosted PBX? That is the VoIP implementation debate. Both are viable approaches when looking for a VoIP solution, which is the only problem. It’s up to you to decide which makes the most sense for your business.

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Five High-Value Features of Hosted PBX

Whether you run a multinational corporation or a startup, communication is key to survival and success. Organizations still rely on legacy PBX phone systems for their corporate communications.

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Business Factors Driving UC Adoption

There are multiple factors driving the growing appetite for UC.Companies that have adopted UC solutions are making gains in employee productivity and customer service.

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What is IAM and Who are the Major Players?

As the number of connected devices in the workplace skyrockets and Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) continues to be the norm, maintaining data security in the enterprise continues to be a significant challenge.

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Cloud Technology Provides Functionality and Scalable Data Storage for Call Centers

New cloud-based data storage and delivery models, has been a game-changer for businesses growing call center operations.

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Productivity Showdown: Microsoft Office 365 vs Google G-Suite

When it comes to business productivity, Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G-Suite stand head and shoulders above the other software options. This guide will help highlight some differences.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Targets Cloud CRM Competition

This new cloud-based version of the successful Dynamics brand extends the company’s business applications for CRM, and other vital functions such as financial management, and ERP.

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Security Threats to Protect Against

The ubiquitous presence of mobile devices in the workplace, increased connectedness of devices and the sophisticated nature of network intrusions, are just some of the security threats organizations need to watch out for.

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Disaster Recovery vs Business Continuity

While not every business will experience a disaster on the magnitude of a violent attack, there are plenty of smaller disruptions that can threaten data, cut off communications, and ultimately affect bottom lines.

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Cloud Contact Center Challenges

Cloud contact centers have emerged as a mainstream alternative to traditional on-premise or outsourced contact centers. Talk to providers about their philosophy and solutions to see if they match business your business goals.

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What is Managed WAP

Organizations considering a Managed WAP environment, either from a managed cloud provider or a self-managed on-premise option, should ask about cloud managed WAP as well. Many providers offer multi-site management of wireless access points.

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Benefits of SDN

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a technology that has turned traditional enterprise networking on its head. SDN is a disruptive innovation that essentially creates a virtualized version of the physical network, that can be centrally managed by software.

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4G/LTE Devices

Companies implementing an enterprise mobility strategy, should look to 4G/LTE devices as a reliable connectivity toolset. The ability to leverage more reliable and cost-effective mobile connectivity, along with better application performance.

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Private vs. Public Cloud vs. Hybrid- What's the Difference?

Enterprises can successfully leverage cloud architectures to meet new business goals and determine winning strategies for moving certain applications or servers to the cloud.

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How SMBs and Enterprises Benefit from Video Conferencing

As the global business climate evolves– ever-higher costs of commerce–more businesses are turning to video conferencing to gain a competitive advantage.

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Video Conferencing Breaks the One-Size-Fits All Mold

Video conferencing platforms have evolved to be more agile and scalable, providing unprecedented flexibility that shatters the notion of one-size-fits-all technologies.

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Defining Software-Defined Networking

SDN architecture model is expanding rapidly in the enterprise market, looking for a network framework that allows for greater automated provisioning, network virtualization and network programmability.

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DRaaS: What Is It and Do You Need It?

Today’s businesses produce a staggering amount of data that must keepflowing in the face of business-killing disasters, as any interruption to a business’s operations can cost the company millions in revenue.

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Defining Security-as-a-Service

To fight off the onslaught of cyber intrusions, many leading organizations are turning to security as a service or cloud-based Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) for help.

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Biggest IAM Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The trick is to select and implement an IAM solution that protects and manages digital identities while also providing identity governance, security policy enforcement and user-based access control. Before moving forward with an IAM framework, watch out for these commons missteps to avoid scope creep and cost overruns.

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Overcoming Concerns About G Suite

As cloud-based collaboration tools become more accessible and affordable, businesses of all sizes are finding themselves considering which platform is best suited for their business. For many, Google’s G-Suite is an appealing option because of its familiar look and feel, simple pricing, and ubiquity in the market.

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Cloud-based applications and Industry 4.0

In an Industry 4.0 world, manufacturers have the ability to make more informed decisions using real-time data collected from powerful embedded networked sensors in machines, assets and applications. Strategies should be addressed early and often.

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Which UC Provider is Right For Your Business?

All providers aren’t created equal. You’ll drive yourself mad trying to compare all of the features across various providers. Ask yourself (and your UC vendor candidates) these questions before signing on the dotted line.

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Big Data Service Providers Unlock the Value of Data

If your organization is considering stepping up its game when it comes to your data, it’s important to ask smart questions about how Hadoop, big data analytics services, and cloud options fit into your overall big data strategy.

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The Rise of Mobility and Its Effect on Business

Rather than viewing mobility as an obstacle of growth, UC&C adopters are capitalizing on these communication solutions to answer the mobility challenge and are reaping the benefits of this cloud-based technology.For the most part, the features and tools that fall under the UC umbrella seem as if they were built with the mobile worker in mind.

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Benefits of Unified Communications for the SMB

Unified Communication (UC) offers a resource for small-medium sized businesses to communicate both inside and outside of the office making communication more flexible a scalable than ever before.

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Is Security-as-a-Service Right For Your Business?

When considering Security options, it’s important to keep in mind that services can be added to ‘fill the gaps’ in an organization’s overall security strategy.

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How to Select the Right Cloud Contact Center Vendor

The benefits of a cloud-based contact center model range from greater flexibility and scalability to lower startup costs. If you’re considering this route, it’s important to ask these questions.

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Common Concerns of Managed WAP

Since the introduction of managed WAP or cloud-managed WLANs, the typical profile of an organization that has adopted this type of infrastructure has been a small company with multiple remote offices. Those in the hospitality industry and retailers have long been perfect candidates.

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Why Your Business Needs G Suite

Choosing the right productivity tools for your team can help promote collaboration, innovation, and superior service for your customers—essential elements to sustainable growth and success. Different businesses have differing needs and might wonder which solution is right for them.

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Things to Consider Before Switching to SD-WAN

Not all SD-WAN solutions or service providers that offer it, are created equal. It’s important to consider possible limitations of the technology and how it may impact your business.

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Hybrid Cloud - Download this Checklist

Considering a move to a hybrid cloud can reduce costs for your organization, offer greater flexibility, and security and performance of dedicated servers or private cloud. Use this checklist to help you along.

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What’s Your UC Plan Missing?

With application performance, Quality of Service and security challenges that come with enterprise communication, many believe that Unified Communications-as-a-Service will continue to be an area for expansion.

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3 Ways UC Changed Remote Workforce

Given the increased momentum of the remote worker trend, cloud providers are taking a closer look at unified communications and collaboration tools to enhance the productivity of mobile workers.

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UC&C- Does One Size Fit All?

While flexibility at work means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, the underlying theme revolves around individuals wanting the ability and support to work from anywhere and at any time.

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SD-WAN Market and Growth

The exponential growth rate in the SD-WAN market has been spurred by several factors, including the increased demand for cloud-based services as well as the growing appetite for bandwidth.  

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Glossary of Terms

Unified Comm (UC) Glossary

Unified Communications acroynms, terms and definitions to keep you up to date with the latest terms.

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Contact Center Glossary

Contact center acronyms, terms and definitions to keep you up to date with the latest terms.

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Managed Security Glossary

Managed Security acroynms, terms and definitions to keep you up to date with the latest terms.

Tags:  Managed Security   Blog   Glossary

4G/LTE Glossary

4G/LTE acronyms, terms and definitions to keep you up to date with the latest terms..

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SD-WAN Glossary

SD-WAN acronyms, terms and definitions to keep you up to date with the latest terms.

Tags:  SD-WAN   Blog   Glossary

Cloud Glossary

Cloud computing acronyms, terms and definitions to keep you up to date. 

Tags: Cloud   Blog   Glossary

Marketing Automation Terms

Marketing Automation Terms acroynms and definitions to keep you up to date with the latest terms.

Tags: Automation   Marketing   Glossary 

Lead Generation Terms Lead

Lead Generation Terms acroynms and definitions to keep you up to date with the latest terms.

Tags: Lead Generation  Marketing   Glossary 

Blogging and SEO Terms

Blogging and SEO Terms acroynms and definitions to keep you up to date with the latest terms.

Tags:Blogging SEO  Marketing   Glossary 

Email Marketing Terms

Email marketing acroynms, terms and definitions to keep you up to date with the latest terms.

Tags: Email   Marketing   Glossary 

Social Media Glossary

Social Media acroynms, terms and definitions to keep you up to date with the latest terms.

Tags: Social Media  Marketing   Glossary 

Marketing Resource Guides

Blog Editorial Content Calendar

Use this Blog Editorial Calendar Template to keep your posts consistent and strategic by planning your content months in advance.

Tags:  Resource Guide   Blog   Template 

Your Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is by far the largest professional social network out there, explore the ins and outs of LinkedIn to maximize your potential.

Tags:  Resource Guide   Social 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Blog Post

Follow these easy steps to optimize your blog post, extend its reach, and find creative ways to use it over and over again.

Tags:  Resource Guide   Blog  

Get the Most Out of Your Content: The Rule of 5

You’ve invested a lot of time or money into creating new content, so why not get the most mileage out of each piece.

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How to Run An Inbound Marketing Campaign

Ready to hit the “GO” button on your campaign? Before you dive in, make sure you’ve dotted all your I’s and crossed all your T’s.

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Marketing Guide for IT VARS and Channel Partners

By leveraging inbound marketing, you can open the door to new customers and revenue streams that can potentially revolutionize your business. 

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What Are Buyer Personas?

The strongest buyer personas are based on market research as well as on insights you gather from your actual customer base. 

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Blogging Checklist

Maximize the potential of your content. Before you click publish, make sure the most out of your blog post with these 5 quick tips. 

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Using a Content Calendar